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PureCount [cl_column_inner width="1/3"] CLIENT PureCount [cl_column_inner width="1/3"] AGENCY  MassiveMedia [cl_column_inner width="1/3"] ROLE Brand Design, UI Design, Website Design, Graphic Design [cl_button 0="1="target="_blank">View"" 1="2="Website""" href="https://www.purecount.com/" rel="noopener" link="https://www.purecount.com/" btn_title="View Website"] PureCount Inc. is an inventory company. They are experts in inventory service [...]
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FollowAnalytics Global Redesign

FollowAnalytics Global Redesign [cl_column_inner width="1/3"] CLIENT  FollowAnalytics [cl_column_inner width="1/3"] FREELANCE  Project [cl_column_inner width="1/3"] ROLE UIUX Design, Web Design, Graphic Design [cl_button 0="1="href="https://followanalytics.com/">View"" 1="2="Website""" link="#https://followanalytics.com/" btn_title="View Website"] FollowAnalytics is the fastest low-code mobile development platform to build tailored apps from your [...]
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