FollowAnalytics Global Redesign






UIUX Design, Web Design, Graphic Design

FollowAnalytics is the fastest low-code mobile development platform to build tailored apps from your existing website, cloud infrastructure, and digital assets, while keeping its colors and logo. FollowAnalytics wanted to redesign the global site and digital assets while keeping its logo and colors. Together with a team of copywriters, user experience designers and visual designers, we created a modern, intuitive and responsive digital experience for the brand. 



Brand Strategy                                            Creative Direction

Website Design                                           Digital, Social + Branded Content

Redefining a digital presence.


FollowAnalytics partners with world-class industry leaders, and help businesses extend their platform to better meet customer needs. As an intuitive and innovative leader, FollowAnalytics had an opportunity to set the standard, starting with the first impression delivered by their new website.


Intentional design decisions, like a lighter theme for the website and social media contents, a minimalist approach, and the uses of enough color to draw the eye to important parts, help make FollowAnalytics’s new site stand out in a simple and elegant way.


Throughout the website and social ads, value-driven messaging speaks to the company’s customers, while bright, resource-focused imagery and slight animations reinforces FollowAnalytics story.